Why work for Healthy Bytes?



Nutrition on a Mission

Healthy Bytes is on a mission.

A mission to deliver the transformational power of nutrition to people everywhere through partnership and superior nutritional counseling. It is vital to establish and maintain a proper diet for maximum health and wellbeing, especially in these times. Healthy Bytes’ mission is for our expert Registered Dietitians to teach and support positive nutritional changes, that not only enhance peoples’ health—but, help them thrive in every aspect of life.



Healthy Bytes is expanding.

Patients asked, we're delivering.

Healthy Bytes is expanding into new states to empower patients from the inside out by improving their lives through nutritional counseling. Our extensive, growing network of Registered Dietitians (RDs) is connecting patients to the transformational, science-backed, “Gold-standard” of nutritional counseling.

Our RDs are putting the healing power of nutrition in patients’ hands. Helping them make simple, healthier eating decisions by means of virtual, one-on-one nutritional counseling sessions. Simply put, our team of Dietitians needs to grow to meet our patients where they are and to be their partner in their journey to better health.





Healthy Bytes Recognizes a Registered Dietitian’s Value.

To our Patient’s, a partner. To Healthy Bytes, an expert.

Healthy Bytes emphasizes the essential role that Registered Dietitians play in healthcare. We empower them to use their expertise and help individuals eat better to improve their overall health. The dietitian is critical in educating, empathizing, and inspiring others to take steps toward reaching and achieving their health goals.

Everything else? That’s our job. Healthy Bytes manages the business and insurance, and our Registered Dietitians focus on being a partner to our patients.